‘Tabloid Wars’

I watched the entirety of “Tabloid Wars” in one night this week.

No, I’m not exactly proud of my ability to watch five-and-a-half hours of television in one sitting, but I had a free night, and once I got started, it was too easy to just keep watching.

I have one takeaway from the show — which ran for six episodes in 2006 before being abruptly canceled — and how it could have been better:

Include the Post in the show, too.

It was called “Tabloid Wars,” and yet there was no war. Every so often, Kerry Burke or Adam Lisberg would run into the competition while out on a story, but the warring reporters were basically nameless.

Had the show been about two newsrooms in a bitter battle for New York, it would have been an epic series that could be in its fifth season.