Time to organize

Every time I need to find a phone number I hastily jotted at the end of an interview, I have to dig through a stack of unlabeled notebooks.

I’m thinking about archiving my notes — or at least going through them and cataloging important information that could be useful later, like numbers and e-mails of local politicians.

I know many reporters trash their notes when they’re done with them — partly in the rare case they’re subpoenaed, and partly to reduce clutter.

What do you do? Do you hold onto notebooks and audio files of interviews, or do you dump them?


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One thought on “Time to organize”

  1. I save phone numbers in the trusty iPhone and trash notebooks as soon as I’m absolutely positive I won’t be writing any more follow-ups.

    Also, the ratio of comments on your blog from me versus my blog from you is too high.

    Also, I have a proposal for you. Check your e-mail soon.

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